How Factual Are the So-Called Negatives of Coworking Spaces?


For the most part, throughout the world, coworking spaces have been viewed in a positive light; their impacts on the startups and small businesses have been very inspiring, undoubtedly. However, there is hardly anything in this world that is immune to criticism. People are obsessed with finding negatives; if they don’t find they just create hoaxes. And the coworking culture, as well as the shared office spaces, have come to be the victims of these hoaxes lately. Let us, therefore, go through the so-called negatives about this non-traditional work culture and the revolutionary office spaces, and see if they hold water.

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5 Top Stereotypes About Coworking Spaces


Any new thing that is introduced to human society, comes with its myths. People tend to form opinions about them even without knowing about them adequately. The coworking spaces are no different. There are already quite some popular beliefs that have been associated with these shared workspaces that are not true and needs to be rebutted. Sometimes prevailing stereotypes prevent people from trying the best of options, and we do not want you to remain deprived of the numerous gifts the coworking office spaces have for you. So here are the top 5 stereotypes you need to get rid of about coworking spaces-

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Top Secrets You Never Knew About Unispace Coworking Space


Unispace Coworking Space has been able to create an identity for itself as a workspace for successful entrepreneurs and creative professionals. City after city, and country after country- the affordable office space tag of the brand has been consolidating ever since the idea of promoting the coworking culture has taken a real shape (in 2008). Is it that easy? Well, yes and no. It depends if you know the secrets of Unispace. Once we reveal them, we know, we cannot call them secrets, but sharing is one of the core principles of shared work culture, so let us tell you how we have made success one of our things.

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Why Big Companies Are Moving into Coworking Spaces


Coworking spaces have always been perceived as the perfect hosts for startups and small or midsized companies apart from freelancers. However, in recent years even big companies are finding shared workspaces attractive. Directly and indirectly, they are getting multiple things done conveniently for the corporations which, if individually done, would be a very difficult and costly process. With fortune 500 companies increasingly opting for coworking spaces for rent, it is benefitting everyone that are associated with the spaces -including the startups and professionals that are there. So the question remains, why would big companies move into coworking platforms? Let’s find out-

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What Will Coworking Spaces Look Like in 5 Years?


With about 19,000 (Global Coworking Survey) of their kind, coworking spaces now have their presence in every corner of the world. Although they belong to different companies, they represent the same model of work culture. According to the survey, nearly 1.7 million active members are working in these shared office spaces which is a staggering 0.6 million more than last year. This is just one of the several factors that demonstrate how the concept is growing. Just as the rise in numbers, the demands of office space seekers are also evolving. To keep up with the demand, and remain appealing as evolved workspaces, coworking platforms are incorporating aspects that would completely transform how they would look like in 5 years.

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What Makes Coworking Spaces Attractive for Entrepreneurs?


Coworking spaces have come a long way since their inception. Evolution is everywhere, but in these shared working environments, it is rather more visible. As a simple alternative to traditional offices when they came into existence, they promoted themselves in two ways- a) with friendly and short-term lease terms and b) with proper office spaces for startups that ran from homes. Without a doubt, these were quite appealing to entrepreneurs at that time. And now, when the needs of workspace seekers have changed drastically over the time, the coworking platforms are still perceived as attractive working environments.

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Unispace Introduces Coworking Space at KL Sentral: Offers A Complete Office Solution


Unispace Business Center Malaysia

Adding yet another prime business location in Asia to its list, Unispace Business Center is now all set to extend its unmatched serviced office solutions to customers in Kuala Lumpur. Located in the 21st level of the stunning MSC status labeled Q Sentral building -right in the heart of KL Sentral- it symbolizes the 21st century coworking and serviced office spaces. With an impressive history of customer satisfaction and a forward-looking vision, it was only a matter of time that Unispace opened its doors to a vibrant shared working environment in the Malaysian Capital.

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