Why Big Companies Are Moving into Coworking Spaces


Coworking spaces have always been perceived as the perfect hosts for startups and small or midsized companies apart from freelancers. However, in recent years even big companies are finding shared workspaces attractive. Directly and indirectly, they are getting multiple things done conveniently for the corporations which, if individually done, would be a very difficult and costly process. With fortune 500 companies increasingly opting for coworking spaces for rent, it is benefitting everyone that are associated with the spaces -including the startups and professionals that are there. So the question remains, why would big companies move into coworking platforms? Let’s find out-

  • Reaching Out to Talent 

Since coworking spaces are the hubs of talent –independent professionals, energetic young creative folks and startups are easily found here—the big corporations are eyeing there to satisfy their talent hunt. Being here locally can provide a vantage ground to have the right people on board. Besides, it is way less expensive to have an office and thereby a new branch which then attracts new customers. The teams hired also get the environment they want to work in. Can there be a better way of dealing with all these at once? For short-term projects, in need of an innovation team etc. the corporations are increasingly depending upon shared working spaces to address the need of manpower, which is only going to intensify further.

  • Teaming-up is Easy

Coworking office spaces are known as collaborative environments where businesses flourish. In fact, they compete amongst each other to offer better networking prospect (apart from office spaces and amenities, of course) which attracts startups and SMEs into their platforms. Yes, without this aspect, a working space is not exactly a coworking space. Therefore, big corporations coming into any kind of partnership with them is a huge selling point for coworking franchises. Since both parties would benefit from their teaming up, it is natural that the process would be easy. Big companies like to proceed fast, and shared working platforms offer them that feature.

  • Reasonable Investment

When it comes to investment, there are a number of fronts the big companies invest in an office in them or in the coworking spaces directly. Firstly, if they just choose a regular office to function, they avail all the benefits by spending a fraction of the amount which they would have, had they gone with their own office. Keeping the expensive real estate in mind, it is a smart choice and a reasonable investment. Apart from that, they invest as partners sometimes in the coworking space itself. Which again, is a smart move because of the locations the spaces are present in. This would help the businesses expand further while having a direct access to local market and manpower. Just like creating a satellite this is a long term investment which is only profitable.

  • Productivity and Well-being

One of the trends that is growing in employees of the MNCs and other big companies is working productively and smartly than working in traditional settings for some certain hours. On top of that, the corporations have become socially more responsible, and care more about the wellbeing and efficiency of their workers. Therefore, flexible working hours, telecommuting are some of the benefits employees are getting. Coincidence is such, coworking spaces are perfect places with 24/7 access and fully equipped with all the conveniences to take care of this requirement the corporations. Working in inspiring environment not only helps the professionals bring out their best but also gets the company the desired. That is the reason, firms are happy in letting their employees work in shared workspaces.

Like a number of things, corporations have mastered how to benefit by using the shared office spaces, and above factors totally justify their move of moving into coworking spaces.

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